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Welcome to Nebedai!

Nebedai means "never die" in Wolof (a language of Senegal). The name is given for the Moringa plant, believed to hold exceptional healing properties for all parts of the body. We realized that your skincare would be more efficient by using natural ingredients combined with laboratory innovation. We don't believe in using harmful and harsh chemicals to improve the scent or color of a product. Instead Nebedai was born to boost your beauty routine and create essential skincare products. We've decided to capture the properties of powerful plants mainly found in Africa and incorporated them into our products to share the most effective skin solutions with you. Our beauty products bring you confidence as you glow inside and out. 

Our vision. Embrace your beauty.

“I’ve always been more attracted to long term solution than quick fixes. This is not different with skincare. The journey of launching Nebedai came from discovering that there are so many powerful natural plants in Africa that are not even widely known. I realized the question wasn’t efficiency of natural ingredients versus synthetic ones but rather how can we blend the power of natural ingredients with skincare innovation? I also believe skincare should be effective without costing you a fortune and should adapt to your skin type. With this in mind at Nebedai we strive to provide essential products. The type of products you don't want to forget packing before traveling! My belief is that Your Skin Never Dies: no matter your age, your skin is precious and you should take care of it.” Safi Adèle Tshinsele-Van Bellingen – Founder. Get in touch

Healthy skin. Beautiful skin.

Healthy skin = Smooth + Even tone + Firm + Hydrated. To keep your skin healthy, you should hydrate it and then lock the moisture in. Divine Glow Facial Oil is ideal for intense moisturizing before going to bed. Your skin can be affected by many outside factors like air pollution or the sun's ultraviolet rays. Therefore remember, healthy skin isn’t perfect skin, but something you feel good in. Know what your skin needs and treat it with love. We’re here to help you on your journey. ♡